​Tamsen Schultz is the award-winning author of the romantic suspense Windsor series and the short story "American Kin.” Her books weave together elements of mystery and suspense with just a dash of romance. NEW RELEASE—INTO THE DAWN:  Brian DeMarco loves three things above all else; his family, his job, and Lucy James. But when a rogue FBI agent threatens all three, nothing will stop the white hat hacker, and his select group of accomplices, from protecting them. And while some secrets are better off buried and forgotten, bringing others into the light is the only way to stop a killer hell bent on revenge. Into The Dawn and the complete Windsor Series is enrolled into Kindle Unlimited.  Click icon for link.

Romantic Suspense at its Best

Jennifer Hayden

If you enjoy the Seattle 911 series, look for two new releases this December exclusively on Amazon (available for Kindle Unlimited).  Unforgiven tells the story of Caleb Walton, a firefighter and self-proclaimed loner, and Kaly Parnell, a tough as nails female cop determined to fight her own battles.  Backfire continues the Seattle 911 saga, where Firefighter Brandon Gage and  911 Operator Shay Martell come together under extenuati​ng circumstances. PRE-ORDER NOW!  Available December 15, 2019!  Click on icons for links.