"Enjoyed this book so much, just had to add my 5*s to all the others. Once started, I had to finish it. Kept me riveted throughout the entire book." - Amazon Reviewer


​​​Detective James Bennett has about had it with the forced desk assignment he’s been enduring day after day since being injured in the line of duty.  When he meets beautiful but demanding Charlotte Gaines things change for him, both professionally and personally.  Eighteen years earlier, Charlie’s eleven-year-old sister vanished without a trace.   The tragedy tore her family apart.  Upon her mother’s death, Charlie returns home to settle the estate—and inadvertently awakens a monster that has haunted a city and its police department for nearly two decades.  With Jamie at her back, Charlie finally faces the nightmares of her childhood.  Determined to bring her sister home, she will do anything for justice.  Even put herself in the crosshairs of the devil himself.

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"Great story and characters. Loved the story. Can't wait to read book 2 and more by Jennifer Hayden.  Another great author." -  Goodreads Reviewer

"A must read!" - Amazon Reviewer

"A++ rating!" - Amazon Reviewer


"The hidden story was so much fun to seek. I cried but I loved it." -  Amazon Reviewer

"Story telling at its best!" - Amazon Reviewer

​​​​OCTOBER 9, 2018

Sworn to protect and serve, these first responders risk their lives every day  to keep a city safe...



​​Firefighter Trent Gage and Paramedic Harlie Atwater have history.  A one-night-stand, seven years earlier, to be exact.  A one-night-stand she walked away from without a backward glance.  Now, slowly recovering from a brutal attack by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Harlie is slow to trust.  When Trent finally lets his guard down and gives her a second chance,  she realizes he truly is the love of her life.  But old ghosts lurk in the background.  When Harlie’s past comes back to haunt her, it threatens her relationship with Trent again.  This time, there is no walking away because what is haunting them is determined to destroy them both. 


"Excellent! I loved the plot and suspense in this book. The romance was also excellent.  This was a true romantic suspense book." - Goodreads Reviewer

Romantic Suspense at its Best