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"This book was hard to put down. It grabs you from the very beginning."  - Amazon Reviewer

BACKFIRE  (Book  10)

911 d​ispatcher Shay Martell takes a call one night that changes the entire course of her life.  A woman is dead, and the caller tells Shay where he’s dumped the body.   A week later, she takes another call from the same man.  Again, he leads her to a corpse.   Before long, Shay is thrust into a nightmarish game of cat and mouse between the caller and local law enforcement.  When a terrible mistake lands her on firefighter Brandon Gage’s radar, he comes down on her like a ton of bricks, nearly causing her to lose her job.   Weeks later, they meet face to face and Brand realizes Shay Martell is not what she seems.  Despite the bad blood between them, there’s an instant attraction.  While Shay isn’t quick to forgive, Brand is determined to ease his way into her heart.  In the meantime, the man police have dubbed the 911 Killer, continues to terrorize the city.  Soon, the sociopath becomes fixated on Shay and she finds herself in a fight just to stay alive.


March 19,2020

HAUNTED (Book 11)

Sworn to protect and serve, these first responders risk their lives every day to keep a city safe...

Seattle 911


Newlywed Tylee Wallace endured the unthinkable when her police officer husband was tragically killed in the line of duty.   Two years later, with no choice but to get on with her life, she moves into a new apartment.  Recently finished with trade school, she starts a new job.  Gradually, she begins to heal.  And then tragedy strikes again when she finds herself the only witness to a brutal crime.  Enter Detective Grayson Vale.    Gray is gruff and by-the-book.  He’s reckless and determined, willing to do whatever it takes to solve his case.  He stands for everything Tylee has sworn herself away from since the painstaking loss of her husband.  But fate tends to work in mysterious ways.   When Tylee becomes the focus of a coldblooded killer, she has no choice but to learn to trust the tenacious lawman.  Together, they will have to face evil head on in order to survive.

Romantic Suspense at its Best

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"Enjoyed this book so much, just had to add my 5*s to all the others. Once started, I had to finish it. Kept me riveted throughout the entire book." - Amazon Reviewer

Jennifer Hayden

DECEMBER 15, 2019

Sworn to protect and serve, these first responders risk their lives every day to keep a city safe...

Seattle 911


When tough as nails police officer Kaly Parnell is nearly taken down by a hit and run driver, her life is thrown into a mess of chaos.  She’s sidelined from the job she loves and forced to endure weeks of rehab and recovery.  Caleb Walton, the firefighter credited with saving Kaly’s life, isn’t sure what to think of the tiny blonde and her arsenal of deadly martial art moves.   Both loners at heart, the two find themselves in unchartered territory as the attraction between them smolders.  But Kaly has a past that she’s unwilling to share, and Caleb’s not big on secrets.   Learning to trust isn’t easy for either of them, and they find themselves on a very slippery slope as danger creeps in to surround them.