"The hidden story was so much fun to seek. I cried but I loved it." -  Amazon Reviewer


The McCalls are back!

After years of physical and mental abuse, Joely McCall Buchanan wakes up one morning to find her husband and her four-year-old son gone. They have vanished into thin air, leaving her with a broken spirit and a bitter sense of betrayal that threatens to destroy her. Desperate for answers, Joely finds herself on the doorstep of Navy SEAL, Gage Latrell, a man immersed in his own marital nightmare. Gage knows he should slam the door in Joely's face. His wife's unexpected departure has left him bitter and up to his neck in debt. The last thing he needs is more trouble. But he quickly realizes there is more to this young mother than meets the eye. As he and Joely dig deeper into her son's disappearance, evil is awakened. A murderous rampage begins. A killer with brutal revenge in mind threatens to destroy them both.

"Excellent! I loved the plot and suspense in this book. The romance was also excellent.  This was a true romantic suspense book." - Goodreads Reviewer

"Story telling at its best!" - Amazon Reviewer

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"Great story and characters. Loved the story. Can't wait to read book 2 and more by Jennifer Hayden.  Another great author." -  Goodreads Reviewer

"A must read!" - Amazon Reviewer

"A++ rating!" - Amazon Reviewer


"Enjoyed this book so much, just had to add my 5*s to all the others. Once started, I had to finish it. Kept me riveted throughout the entire book." - Amazon Reviewer

Enjoy another visit with The Callahans!

Camryn Callahan is starting over.  With two kids in tow, she moves to Washington State to be near her older brother.  She has a new job, a new house and a handsome new neighbor.    Things seem to be looking up for her.  But looks can be deceiving.   When she left Arizona, Camryn left unfinished business behind.  And that unfinished business has made his way to Washington with nothing but trouble on his mind.  Determined to keep her children safe, Camryn turns to Detective Luke Remington.    Luke has trust issues of his own.  With one failed marriage under his belt and a five-year-old son to raise, he knows better than to get involved with a woman that has as many skeletons in her closet as Camryn.   But his heart says otherwise.  Soon, he finds himself standing between Camryn and her past—a past that may destroy them both  when all is said and done.

Romantic Suspense at its Best