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Sworn to protect and serve, these first responders risk their lives every day  to keep a city safe...



​​Aria Carlisle is shocked when the police show up at her door one night and inform her that her sister—a sister she hasn’t seen or spoken to in nearly thirteen years—has been murdered in her own home, along with her husband.   Her two young children are clinging to life at a local hospital.   Their parents are dead, their house burned to the ground.    And Aria has been listed in her sister’s will as their guardian.  The children are literally strangers to Aria, but she finds she can’t turn her back on them.  With the police breathing down her neck, desperate for answers to two unsolved murders, Aria finds herself in the middle of a nightmare.  Casey Gage was there that night.  One of the firefighters who helped rescue Aria’s niece and nephew, he feels a bond with the children—and soon enough, with Aria herself.  But a killer is still on the loose.  And that killer has failed to tie up a very important loose end.   A very important loose end that may cost Aria and the children their lives.​


"Story telling at its best!" - Amazon Reviewer

"Great story and characters. Loved the story. Can't wait to read book 2 and more by Jennifer Hayden.  Another great author." -  Goodreads Reviewer


"Enjoyed this book so much, just had to add my 5*s to all the others. Once started, I had to finish it. Kept me riveted throughout the entire book." - Amazon Reviewer

"Excellent! I loved the plot and suspense in this book. The romance was also excellent.  This was a true romantic suspense book." - Goodreads Reviewer

Romantic Suspense at its Best


​​​Paramedic Colby Gage and Detective Nick Holt have drifted in and out of a troublesome relationship for years.  While each of them has sworn off the opposite sex, they can’t seem to swear off each other, no matter how hard they try.  When unexpected events bring them together again—right about the time Nick finally gives Colby an ultimatum—the stakes are high.   While the two know they’re meant to be together, compromise isn’t as easy as it sounds.   There’s trouble on the horizon—both with his job and hers.  Danger lurks in the background.  Determined to stay together, the pair form a united front and attempt to battle the demons that have torn them apart in the past. 


"A must read!" - Amazon Reviewer

"The hidden story was so much fun to seek. I cried but I loved it." -  Amazon Reviewer

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